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Growth is a process. The caterpillar must also undergo development before it becomes a butterfly.

Holistic health, to me, means achieving balance of body, mind, and soul, allowing us to feel in harmony in all aspects of life. My goal as a coach is to guide people on their journey toward inner peace and equilibrium, employing a variety of holistic methods.

I create a space to support you on your journey toward profound change. Through my integrative approach, which incorporates various techniques from bodywork, energy healing, and kinesiology, we collaboratively identify obstacles on multiple levels. You decide what you want to work on. Using targeted techniques, we gently dissolve these barriers, enabling you to overcome old limitations, unlock your inner strength, and lead a fulfilling, authentic and healthy life.

Discover what motivated me to make this task my life’s mission here:

“Natural healing is about taking control of your life & being responsible for everything that goes in & out of your body, mind & spirit.” – Dr. Richard Schulze

My offerings
for you


Learn how, through continuous practice combined with breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, you can achieve greater strength, flexibility, and ease both on and off the mat.


Do you suffer from back pain or tension? Then book your moment of peace and relaxation. Do something good for yourself and your body, and allow yourself to unwind from everyday life.


Take a break and experience how energy healing can improve your energy flow. Stress, fatigue, tension, and pain can be reduced, enhancing your overall well-being.


Are you looking for support with challenges in your life? Together, we will find the root of your issues and develop solutions, so you can feel free, fulfilled, and happy.

All offers serve exclusively the activation of the self-healing powers and replace neither diagnosis nor treatment by doctors, alternative practitioners or therapists. In case of acute problems, please contact specialists.