◌ Yoga ◌

   “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”
– The Bhagavad GITa

What Yoga does:

Back pain & muscle tension are probably among the most common physical complaints that we have due to a lot of sitting at work & too little exercise in our free time. Most of our everyday life is characterized by fast pace & stress. Yoga is a great way to counteract this. Through the interplay of tension and relaxation, we are able not only to strengthen our body, but also to stretch it. This allows us to act on the fascial tissue, which can tense up due to persistent poor posture and thus lead to discomfort throughout the body. Our mind finds rest by concentrating on performing the asanas (postures) & breathing, which relieves stress. Physical limitations are not an obstacle, as in yoga every posture can be adapted to the physical conditions.

“Yoga is a powerful vehicle for change. As you build strength you start to believe in your own potential.” -Tiffany Cruikshank

On a deeper level, yoga brings the entire system – consisting of body, mind and soul – back into harmony. It offers you a space to get to know yourself & your body better and to find (back) inner balance.

Yoga is not about competition or being the best. Rather, it is about the mindfulness, trust and deep connection that you build with yourself and your body. You will be amazed at the effects a regular yoga practice can have on you and how you deal with your environment.

Yoga styles

You don’t know yet which yoga style is right for you? Are you unsure what your body needs or what to focus on? You may also want to approach meditation, but don’t know how?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make these decisions alone! I am happy to help you finding the style that is exactly tailored to your needs and your body. Together we work on your strength, endurance and stretching.

I support you in reconnecting with your body, finding your own rhythm & creating a healthy routine for you.

You don’t want to practice yoga alone?
No worries, a personal training can also be booked as a duo!

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Hatha Flow is a dynamic form of classical Hatha Yoga. Here the individual postures are fluently connected with each other. It is a wonderful style for both more advanced yogis and beginners.

In my lessons, in addition to varied flows, we also take time for pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. Together with the asanas (physical exercises) they form the basis for a balanced yoga practice. This gives your body and mind more flexibility, stability and balance not only on the mat, but also in daily life.

Vinyasa Yoga is a very dynamic and powerful form of yoga. Here, aspects such as pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation consciously recede into the background. Breathing and movement are synchronized, i.e. our body follows our breathing, not the other way around. This allows us Western head people in particular to consciously focus on our bodies. Vinyasa Yoga is therefore about meditation in movement and the focus of being carried by breathing.

If you have problems clearing your head, find it difficult to switch off and are therefore often stressed, Vinyasa Yoga is the right place for you! Basically, anyone who likes to practice dynamic and powerful can practice Vinyasa Yoga. However, people with cardiovascular complaints or high blood pressure should rather choose a calmer variant.

If you are looking for a good combination of strength and deep stretch this style of Yoga may be the right one for you!

Yin Yang Yoga combines dynamic, powerful yoga (Yang) with calm, meditative Yin Yoga. During the powerful Yang unit, the breath is combined with dynamic movements and the asanas are held for a few breaths. In Yin Yoga, the focus is on releasing tension in the fascia. Since it is a very calm and rather passive yoga style, which is mainly practiced while sitting, the asanas are held for several minutes.

Both yoga styles complement each other wonderfully and bring you back into balance.

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